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Solidarnosc / Solidaritet

As part of ‘From striped clothing to fjords’ (Skierniewice, Lowicz, Poland, 2023) 

In september 2023, Solidarnosc traveled to Poland as part of the EU-funded, cultural collaborative project between Poland and Norway ‘From striped clothing to fjords.’ Exploring cultural duality, drawing inspiration from a shared heritage of folk music and dance. Danced and choreographed through a contemporary lens of modern dance and music. Performed in the two Polish cities Skierniewice and Lowicz. 


By: Løhre/Wie

Choreography: Gunhild Løhre

Music: Katarzyna Maria Wieczorek

Dancers: Christina Dyekjær, Andrea Winsnes, Gunhild Løhre, Trøndertun Forstudium dans 

Supported by: ‘From striped clothing to fjords’ / EU funded project

Exploring cultural duality, drawing inspiration from a shared heritage of folk music and dance.


Brainfeels - Misophonia

Brainfeels Misofonia is a short, animated dance film which has been in development since 2020.


The film explores misofoni, a condition where a person reacts to certain sounds with great discomfort and anxiety. The film aims to transfer the experience to the viewer, and portrays a subconscious journey with animation, live action and dance. 


By: Gunhild Løhre, Denise Hauser, Sondre Nymoen, Katarzyna Maria Wieczorek, Audun Kvitland

Produced by: Ambolt Vision

Script by: Gunhild Løhre and Denise Hauser

Directed by: Denise Hauser

Choreography: Gunhild Løhre

Dancer: Gunhild Løhre 

Supported by: Trøndelag fylkeskommune, Midtnorsk filmsenter as,

 Quantum Entanglement #3 

Through improvised music and dance, Quantum Entanglement #3 explores unity and interaction within the limitations of physical distance. 


In 2022 the team collaborated with the dance department at LIPA to include the voices of a group who were especially affected by the limitations of the pandemic: The students shared their experience artistically from their student-in-pandemic perspective, and gained experience in working within a professional process.  


Produced by: Gunhild Løhre

Created by: Guo/Løhre/Schmidt

Performers: Gunhild Løhre, Kristine Berget, Anna Thu Schmidt, Christina Vasileiadi, Lucy Eccles, Edward Elvidge, Aimee, Shannon, Nicolette Oldfield, Saskia Rudge Thompson

Music: Bjørm Guo

Supported by: LIPA, Trøndelag fylkeskommune, Trondheim kommune, Museum of Liverpool

Body to dance

Body to dance (performance and short dance film, 2022)


Dance as form of human culture and expression has existed since prehistoric time. Dance can be an intellectually choreographed aesthetic art form, but is also an instinctive elemental force in our bodies.


Body to dance explores our innate, primal need for movement and the expressiveness of the body. This live, interactive  performance and short dance film aims to express the feeling of movement in itself, from a breath that lifts the chest, to the beauty and energy in a fully stretched body


By: Løhre/Wie

Dance, choreography and edit: Gunhild Løhre

Music: Katarzyna Maria Wieczorek

Cinematography: Aleksandra Suchkova, Ragnarok film 

Co-produced: Ambolt Vision, Dansit koreografisk senter

Supported by: Babel visningsrom for kunst, Trøndelag fylkeskommune, Midtnorsk filmsenter

Quantum Entanglement #2 

(Trondheim / In2it International dance festival, 2021)


Quantum Entanglement #2 further developed the project from 2020 by inviting members of the inclusive dance companies Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret, to reflect a wider range of our society when exploring how we have been affected by the pandemic. 


Reflecting upon one year of pandemic,separated by windows, the performers offer a glimpse into

one’s own world to a wider audience by sharing personal stories, expressed through music, dance, and art.


Produced and created by: Guo/Løhre/Schmidt

Dancers: Gunhild Løhre, Anna Thu Schmidt, Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret

Music: Bjørn Guo, Tor Haugerud, Bergmund Waal Skaslien

Supported by: Trøndelag fylkeskommune, FFUK, Trondheim kommune, Sparebank 1 SMN, Dansit koreografisk senter, In2it International dance festival

QE screenshot2.png

Quantum Entanglement  

Quantum Entanglement (Babel visningsrom for kunst, 2020) 


Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon where one or several particles can be described as a unit, even when they are moved to different locations. If one quality changes in one particle, the same change occurs in the other particles, despite the distance between them. Einstein referred to this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance”


Born from the first period of lockdown due to covid 19, Quantum entanglement explored interaction and togetherness in times of physical distance. How does social distancing affect us as human beings? An increasing sense of loneliness and anxiety, a longing for intimacy. In their own isolated world, blocked by a window, the dancers look out, searching for contact. Objects interacting “in absentia” 


Produced and created by: Guo/Løhre/Schmidt

Dancers: Gunhild Løhre, Anna Thu Schmidt

Music: Bjørn Guo

Co produced by: Dansit koreografisk senter

Supported by: Norsk kulturråd, Dansit koreografisk senter, Trondheim kommune, Babel visningsrom for kunst 

QE screenshot1.png

Min virkelighet


A dance performance about subjective reality, perception, and how people in the same physical circumstance, can experience living in completely different worlds.(Avant Garden, 2018)  


Choreographed and produced by: Gunhild Løhre 

Performers: Gunhild Løhre, Christina Dyekjær, Andreas Klarstrøm 

Supported by: Trondheim Kommune, Dansit 

How do we define reality?

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